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Data Management for Wits: Why Data Management matters in South Africa :SASSA

The following is general advice,data varies hugely between types of research and projects.

Why is mangement data important in a place that does not always have power or internet

South Africa Social Security Agency(SASSA)

The case of Sassa shows what happens to people when the government has amongst other issues a lack of data management. Officials at Sassa saw the payment of the grants as a technical problem. So they failed to realize that cash paymasters had in the organization and structure of the databases embedded critical information. Here courts also made some very interesting rulings. One that the embedded organization of a database is an intellectual property.The other that people data does belong to themselves but that not the same as owning the database.

Its not as easy as it looks to count poeple . Look at the debate

The Wide and Wondrous World of data