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Data Management for Wits: We want your old stuff

The following is general advice,data varies hugely between types of research and projects.

A home for old data : Please donate Floppy Disks to Data Sevices


MSS takes care of an impressive collection of vintage computers, books, and documents for the Wits History of Computing. If you have any old collectible or interesting computational equipment or materials, please consider donating it to the museum.
The library is especially interested in getting any old stiffly or floppy drives, as well as blanks, drive,WordPerfect software and old data software. We really do need it to preserve older data. We will also work with your old data and transfer it to new formats.Ps Cloud Servers are still just data in servers. Often Amazon servers,in America under some dubious data protection laws. Homeland Security can and does legally search those servers.

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