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Data Management for Wits: Accessing Secondary data

The following is general advice,data varies hugely between types of research and projects.

Google is here

For better or in many cases for worse ,google owns search 


they have entered the dataset searching world , If you are tired of going through repository , click here  

Environmental and animal data

EAZA Conservation Database

The website says that "The furtherance of wildlife conservation has become the predominant objective of the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria and its members. The zoo and aquarium community's role in conservation extends far beyond helping to save endangered species and populations through ex situ breeding programmers. Through their links with and support of in situ projects, research, conservation education and capacity building, advocacy and fundraising, many members of EAZA are active in the conservation of habitats and entire ecosystems."

Farewell to Sudan as another key species fades into extinction

The website says that"The Trust’s founder takes full responsibility for overseeing the process from the initial identification of projects to the eventual disbursement of funds. The overriding goal of the Conservation Action Trust is to save and protect specifically identified species of fauna and flora from threats of destruction or extinction by promoting widespread and impartial investigation and reporting on important conservation and environmental issues. We hope to foster broader awareness and bring about the greater public support for vital conservation and environmental issues.

We accomplish this by:
•Assisting independent journalists to write pertinent, objective stories that might otherwise not have been written.
•Obtaining credibility for these stories by having them widely published in appropriate media.
•Ensuring a wider dissemination of the stories through syndication, along with electronic and social media.
•Commissioning of conservation and environmental reports, investigations and information and dissemination thereof.
•Creating a database of conservation and environmental related information for free access by the general public.
•Promoting empathy and compassion for wild and domestic animals.
•Directing support for specifically identified environmental or conservation projects.


To get more information  about goals,objectives and Trustees


Daily Maverick

The website says That"Outrage after Kruger lion baited and shot by trophy hunter in neighboring reserve an American is believed to have paid R1-million to bring down a  Kruger park lion from a pride beloved of tourists.On Friday a  male lion was shot by trophy hunter in  Umbabat private nature reserve on the boundary of Kruger national park. Unconfirmed reports suggest it may have been the leader of the western pride named Skye, beloved of many tourists.if so his cubs will be killed by another male taking over the pride. It is probably the lion was lured out of Kruger Park with bait provided by an elephant and buffalo hunt, which took place beforehand. The hunter, whose name has not been established but is believed to be American, is estimated to have paid over R1-million to pull the trigger."

National Snow& Ice Data Center

Advancing knowledge of earth's frozen regions:NSIDS manages and distributes scientific data, creates tools for data access, supports data users, performs scientific research, and educates the public about the cryosphere.


NASA Distributed Active Archive Center(DAAC) at NSIDC

It provides data to of  High resolution and quality fast. However, more importantly, the visioning controls and documentation allow the use of subsets and longitudinal sets. Even if it's not your precise area it's worth looking at just to see some really well-done data.


Virtual Observatory Tools

A variety of Virtual Observatory (VO) services and tools exists through various VO projects across the globe. In this section, you can find VO-compatible applications, tools and data archives to do science. These are mostly web-form interface services and/or downloadable Java applications. For these to work the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) should be installed on your computer. Please make sure that you are using the right version of Java.


SKA  Africa Square Kilometer Array

South Africa won a major scientific coup when it became part of the square kilometers array project. It's linked into a world wide web of instruments gathering information about quite literally, the birth of the universe. It also produces terabytes of data. It is accessible via university collaborations.

Mission MeerKAT

Data from the Web

Where to get Twitter data for academic research

Twitter is a powerful research source because it has volumes of real-time reactions in multiple languages. So twitter data can ask a million question but first you need to get it . And to do that you petition twitter . go to and make the the request.

A beginner's guide to collecting Twitter data

We know that's not easy for everyone but at data services, we are able to create and download for you as well as convert API raw data into a spreadsheet format.

Social Science One: Public Launch

A Facebook book dataset but scraping is also an option.


World Association of Zoos and Aquariums

Studbook Library Claim that:"This is a significant fraction of the approximately 1,800 assigned studbooks and represents 99% of published studbooks. In total, 1,145 studbook keepers from 473 institutions in 66 countries have contributed their work. In addition to making studbook data readily accessible to zoological institutions, which reduces the costs of studbook data distribution and provides insurance against loss of studbook data, the information gathered for this project helps to maintain data quality within the Species360 (formerly the International Species Information System) database.Species360 automatically compares key facts in the submitted studbooks to data for the same animal submitted to Species360 by member institutions. The results of this comparison are shown in the members' area of the Species360 website."


The National horse racing Authority STUDBOOK SUPPLEMENT

Racing and horse information is free but  breeding information requires registration. Click here to register your name Still if you want to play with a basic dataset.Studbook Supplement


International Federation of horse racing Authorities

It is the mission of the international federation of horse racing authorities to promote good regulation and best practices on international matters. This website tries to inform you about our global initiatives in support of our industry, as well as developments in national markets.


SA Studbook/StamBoek animal improvement organization


Association of Zoos and  Aquariums

"The Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of zoos and aquariums in the areas of conservation, education, science, and recreation. AZA represents more than 230 institutions in the United States and overseas, which collectively draw more than 183 million visitors every year. These institutions meet the highest standards in animal care and provide a fun, safe, and educational family experience. In addition, they dedicate millions of dollars to support scientific research, conservation, and education programs."