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WHSL e-Resources in Health Care: E-Books (Alphabetical List by Title)

Links to electronic databases, books and journals relevant to health care. Like Amazon, but free....

Finding electronic books

IF YOU KNOW THE TITLE (or words in the title) OF A BOOK, click on the link below to open a search box where you can enter the title, or part of the title, of the book you need. Click on the e-books tab to search for electronic books by title

 Please select one of the following options, from the drop down list. 

  • Match all words (enter the full journal title)
  • Match exact words (enter the words exactly as they appear in the journal title)
  • Match any words (enter any words that may appear in the journal title) 

For subject searching, you need to go to one of the databases such as PubMed.

Please report errors by email here

E-Books Alphab and Current Year Print Purchase List

The e-books are arranged by title, alphabetically. Click on the relevant alphabetical page of the drop down menu under "E-Books (Alphabetical List)"

For books arranged under MeSH Headings, go to the tab headed "E-Books (MeSH Headings)"


Other E-Books

In addition to the speciality books, you will often need to refer to other biomedical books for other courses you are studying, or for backgraound reading. 

For a full list of all e-Books at WHSL, please use the link to alphabetical (by title) e-books at WHSL. Use the alphabetical drop-down menu from the top tab. To find e-books by subject headings, please use link to the appropriate subject (MeSH) heading.